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Adele Morales, M.Ac., L.Ac.

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I have practiced Traditional Acupuncture since the fall of 2001. Health related topics have intrigued me for many years. Initially I discovered the relationship between nutrition and health, and shared this with my fifth graders as an elementary school teacher. Later, I worked in Biofeedback as a Pain Management Therapist. Women's medical concerns are also a major interest, and I counseled clients in reproductive health issues, and worked with expectant parents as a Lamaze Childbirth Instructor.


I find helping others understand and deal with health concerns very satisfying. Often suggestions on diet, exercise and stress relief go a long way to address stubborn symptoms. As an acupuncture client, I found the listening and coaching of my practitioner to be instrumental in improving my health and well being. After a few years in treatment, I decided to study acupuncture myself!


As part of my treatments, I teach Relaxation Skills. Easy to learn breathing exercises and simple meditation have helped many clients deal more effectively with stressful lives.


Being physically active is important to me, and I enjoy hiking, skiing, biking and Zumba, Yoga is great for relaxing! Next to exercising, I love to read, and I find books on history, biography, psychology, and medicine fascinating. Reading my first book on vitamins set me on a path dedicated to better health. In practicing acupuncture, the knowledge and experience I've gained over the years is now used to help my clients heal.


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