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Chris Morris, Ph.D.

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Phone: 443-520-3973


I am a wife, mother of two teenagers, Higher Education professional, life coach, and qigong teacher. That last designation has been a surprise to me, but I feel called to share a practice that has profoundly changed my life.


About five years ago, I took my first qigong class with Karl Ardo and fell in love with the practice. After several months of practice, I had several medical issues resolve on their own, but more than that, I had a practice that helped me cope with a very stressful job and life. Over time, qigong helped me find my center and create more balance, calm, and empowerment in my life.


I have learned from many wonderful qigong teachers and masters— including Karl Ardo, Ken Cohen, Daisy Lee, Damo Mitchell, and Solala Towler. I will be certified as a qigong teacher with 200 hours of training in April 2015. My favorite qigong form is Hunyuan Primordial, which I learned from Ken Cohen. It is my joy to teach this form.


In addition to my qigong training, I have completed two life coaching programs (the most recent is the Martha Beck Life Coaching Program) and I regularly coach a small number of clients. I love to help people through the often messy process of transformation. My passion is finding ways to combine life coaching and qigong. Qigong gives us access to levels of awareness that are deeper than our conscious mind, and coaching helps to smooth the bumpiness of bringing our dreams into everyday reality.


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