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Greta Luhar, M.Ac., L.Ac.

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Phone: 410-417-7587


Welcome to acupuncture! I'm Greta Luhar and I look forward to working with you. I received my Kinesiology degree from the University of Maryland and then earned my Masters in Acupuncture from Tai Sophia Institute. I have always wanted a career in healthcare and luckily discovered acupuncture at a young age. I am intrigued that acupuncture is 5,000 years old and that it remains effective in treating everything from headaches, back pain, digestive issues to depression, anxiety, and stress. There really is an art to keeping the body in balance and free from pain and discomfort. After all this time as an acupuncturist, I am still amazed that these tiny acupuncture needles can be so powerful. I work very closely with my patients to ensure that all their concerns are addressed and my goal is to have my patients feel 125% better than when they started. I really enjoy sitting down with my patients and listening to their stories, where they've been in their lives, and what has brought them to me at this time.


Currently, I am a super busy mom to my awesome boys, ages 1 and 3! I have decided to spend as much time with them as possible while they are little. So, if you're ready to start treatments, I work on Saturday and Sunday mornings and would love to hear all about you and see how we can keep you on a path of health and happiness.


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