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Cathy Schwarz, M.Ac., L.Ac.

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I practice what is called Five Element or Traditional Acupuncture, the oldest form of acupuncture. This method is based on the understanding that we are one with nature. Like in nature, symptoms manifest when there’s an imbalance.


I came to understand the connection between wellness and nature when I was young. I spent most of my time playing outside and observing nature and I recognized at an early age how good it made me feel. Over the years I have continued to enjoy the benefits of nature through hiking, biking and camping.


I have been working in the field of health for over 30 yrs. My background includes both a Masters of Clinical Social Work and a Masters of Acupuncture. Like many in this field, the experience of being a patient opened in me a bigger conversation about the meaning of health and wellness and ultimately how to achieve it.


My experience as a social worker has strongly influenced my acupuncture practice and approach to treatment. Coupled with life experience, I am particularly skilled at assisting people with anxiety, depression, sadness, stress reduction, women’s issues, PMS and menopause, and various pain related conditions including back, knee, shoulder and foot.


I am a member of the Maryland Society of Acupuncture and am certified in acu-detox. I use cupping, essential oils, magnets and Gua Sha in my practice. I sell various products on my website for patients, including CBD Clinic for pain. It has been a natural transition to begin oil painting to connect my love of nature with my understanding of its many changes, whether healthy and vibrant or compromised.


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