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Karen Johnson, M.Ac, L.Ac., R.N.

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I met my first acupuncturist, a man from England, when I was in nursing school at Georgetown University, attending all kinds of New Age conferences in my free time. The new wave of spiritual awareness and mind/body medicine called to me in a way I couldn’t explain or resist. For no good reason, I attended his workshop, became enthralled with his treatments and wound up assisting him for three years while I was in school and he was coming over from England to run clinics.


After graduation, I continued to work in nursing for many years before earning my Masters Degree in Acupuncture at the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia, MD. As fate (or design!) would have it, I came to acupuncture with a solid foundation in modern medicine, having had experience in OB/GYN, oncology, cardiac care, a transplant unit, a dermatology unit, critical care, home care, hospice, psychiatry, and a stint in a gym doing wellness care! This background continues to serve me well in understanding issues and treatment protocols from both eastern and western points of view. One of the fascinating things about acupuncture and something that distinguishes it from modern allopathic medicine with its great repertoire of medicine and surgery is that it triggers our bodies to do something that is natural to us all, which is to achieve a state of peace, balance and health. It is a potential we all seem to possess.


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