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Anita Strittmatter

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I have always known I wanted to help people feel better. At the University of MD, a guidance counselor told me my grades weren’t good enough to get into physical therapy school. So, I switched gears and earned a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. I worked as a Personal Trainer until getting distracted in the entrepreneurial world for 10+ yrs. Then there comes a time when you realize being happy and fulfilled is more important than anything else. So after soul searching, Svaroopa® yoga found its way into my life, and I giggled as I came to realize I had come full circle to something even better than PT – YT, yoga therapy! So, as you can imagine, life couldn’t be better because not only do I get to work therapeutically with people’s bodies, but also their minds and sense of Self. Now I find myself with 400+ hours of training and not a day goes by I am not amazed and overjoyed about the services I am privileged to offer.


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