Pre-Thanksgiving Story, Myth and Imagination

When: 2:30pm - 5pm, Oct. 26
Where: 4 Gates Wellness
Who: Michael Phillips
Cost: $25/canned food

Join Michael Phillips for an afternoon of story, myth and imagination at a pre-Thanksgiving gathering to benefit the Maryland Area Food Bank.

Michael's workshop will explore the riches to be found in ancient, yet timeless stories and how they can help us navigate these challenging times. Using the wisdom inherent in folk tales, myths and poetry, Michael invites conversation, pulling threads from the stories and how they relate to our lives.

Drawing from over 30 years as a 5 Element acupuncturist and teacher, he has offered many similar workshops over the years to much acclaim.

Donation to MD Food Bank requested: $25 and/or canned goods.

For more information or to register, contact Michael Phillips