Seasonal Tips


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Summer is the energy of warmth, joy, relationship and maturity. It is the fire described in 5 element cosmology. What we planted in the early spring is now fully manifest, soon to be harvested. What we build is now serving us and others. Summer is a time of celebrations, weddings, the building of friendships and communities. If introverts are more comfortable with winter, extroverts exude the energy of summer.

The organs that are most reflective of the energy of summer deal with the circulation of blood and the regulation of fluids and temperature. The heart is at the center of all the organs, described as the sovereign ruler in service to the empire. So we can reflect on what is at the heart of who we are and what feeds our hearts and makes us and others happy. It is our passion, our purpose, our expression and experience of what is central to us in life. We are mostly fulfilled when we can share this, bring it to others and see our warmth reflected in the love of another. So summer is a time to pursue what we love and to show our gifts for others to enjoy. It is a time to be expansive, to make a joyful noise, to play and to love.