Speaking Circles

When: 3pm - 5:30pm, 3rd Sunday Every Month
Where: 4 Gates Wellness
Who: Nancy Wilson-Garratt
Cost: $20

Speaking from the Inside Out

Do you:

  • Hold back from opportunities to speak in front of groups or put yourself "out there"?
  • Shy away from taking a bigger stand in life?

Are you:

  • An introvert in an extrovert’s world?
  • A heart-centered social change agent with a message to share?
  • A workshop leader, coach or practitioner in a holistic field seeking to connect more deeply with your clients/audience?

In a safe, gentle, supportive setting:

  • Transform self-consciousness into self-confidence
  • Develop the confidence to “speak up and speak out” genuinely
  • Learn to speak spontaneously with ease, authenticity and presence
  • Access your own innate magnetism and natural speaking style
  • Connect more deeply with yourself and others
  • Experience the power of silence and deep listening

For more information or to reserve your spot, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Nancy at (443) 545-9113.

Nancy Wilson-Garratt, MBA, MA, Certified Speaking Circles® Facilitator, Integrative Nutrition™ Health Coach, Dream Builder™ Coach and Life Mastery™ Consultant. I bring a broad range of experience to my work, from 20+ years in corporate financial management to a master’s degree in Holistic Studies enhanced by extensive studies in human potential, metaphysics, dream work, Focusing™, and energy kinesiology. I have been facilitating Speaking Circles® since 2004. My greatest joy is helping people move beyond limiting beliefs and behaviors to lead fuller, richer and more authentic lives.

Awakening to Our Dreams

When: 6:45 - 9pm
3rd Monday of
every month
Where: 4 Gates Wellness
Who: Michael Phillips
Cost: $20

Our nighttime dreams can reacquaint us with our life's dreams. Come share and unveil what insights and inspiration our dreams may be offering. For several years, Michael has facilitated a monthly meeting of a diverse circle of participants who share the details of their sleeping dreams. Through questioning and unraveling of images, they encourage one another to discover whatever meaning or message the dream may be offering. Often, we find a thread between the outer dream and purpose of someone's life and the sleeping dreams that can point us to issues and emotions that want our attention.

The fees are $20 ($15 for students or fixed income) with half of the collected amount is going to a charity or a cause we decide on from themes that arise in our dreams. Additionally, we ask that you bring a can or two of food for the local food bank.

For questions, please contact Michael Phillips.